Every time we leave a wedding we turn to each other and say, “what a cool couple!”  Seriously!  I feel like we hit the jackpot with couples we get to photograph!  Suzanne and Eric were no exception.  The wedding was absolutely perfect!  We had a first at Eric & Suzanne’s wedding, it was pretty incredible and quite symbolic.  Just before Suzanne walked down the aisle, a giant swarm of bees crossed the path in front of her.  Check out the cropped picture below – all of those black dots are bees!  Suzanne’s friend since grade school gave the best blessing, incorporating some bee facts into her blessing.  Here are a few of the facts she talked about:  *In folklore throughout the world, bees symbolize: wisdom, are messengers to the spirit world, knowledge of the future, wealth, love, fidelity & industrious.  Honey symbolizes: fertility, love & beauty.  Bees symbolize service – workers pollinate, show cooperation, unity, common consciousness.  Bees communicate by dance and pheromones through food sharing.  Bees are a super organism.  A bee swarm symbolizes: expanding the family, ultimate of attention and love.  So, all in all, I would say that the bee swarm was an incredible sign that Eric & Suzanne were meant to be!  Thank you so much for having us.  It was an absolute honor capturing your day!  Love you guys! -Amelia & Stephen

Venue: Chico Hot Springs Resort

Floral:  Budget Bouquet & More

DJ: DJ Missy O’Malley

Dress: Lovely Bride