I was fifteen years old when I started taking an interest in photography. At the time, one of my friends had a dark room and we would spend hours taking and experimenting with photos. I loved architectural photography, and it’s initially what sparked my interest and got me excited. When I was sixteen years old, I visited my dad in Kenya, where he was working as a professional hot air balloon pilot. I was captivated by the people, animals, culture, and the stories behind it all. My trip to Kenya was a pivotal point in my life, as it further fueled my love for photography. When I returned to the states, I worked hard to save money and bought my first 35mm film camera. I joined the yearbook staff and took photos whenever I could. In 2009 Amelia Anne Photography was established. Photography is truly a part of me and who I am as an individual.

Photo by Green Door Photography


I have been interested in photography as long as I can remember. My father had many interests, one of which was photography. Growing up seeing the photographs that he took while traveling the world for work was always a joy for me. As I grew older, I started to develop a more creative side of my life which was expressed through music and visual art. In college I took a photojournalism class and was hooked! I loved taking black and white photos and then spending time in the darkroom to see them come to life.

Since connecting with Amelia, I have been exposed to wedding and family photography which has opened up a whole new world to me; capturing and memorializing emotions. I have found that the medium of photography is so very important and pertinent in today’s fast paced society because it has the power to document personal moments and transport people back to the loving feelings that can so often be forgotten. It is truly a privilege to give to people a reminder of those important details of life!

I also am an avid musician, love being outdoors and have a mild (extreme) obsession with all things Toyota Land Cruiser.

Photo by Green Door Photography

Amelia + Stephen

We both grew up in Tennessee and went to high school together. In July 2011, we met at a wedding of a mutual friend in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

We work in tandem to create the most meaningful and creative representation of your wedding day. The balance and variety of two different aesthetics converging into one create the essence of Amelia Anne Photography.

Photo by Emily Millay Photography