In the blink of an eye, it seems that they have grown up and are about to graduate from high school. As they approach adulthood, you have one last chance to capture them before they head out into the world.

The Discovery

The initial stage of the journey is for us to understand the special bond you have with your high school senior, and take the time to discover how they would like to capture and commemorate their time in high school. Were they in any special clubs? Do they want to highlight a sport or sports that they participated in? Are there any academic achievements that should be highlighted and honored? Do they have a special friend or friends that they would like to include in their session?

The Photographic Session
During your photographic session, we celebrate everything we have discovered about your high school senior. This session is all about capturing the essence of who they are at the end of high school, and remembering those moments before your child heads out into the larger world. It is a time to remember how fleeting childhood is, but also to celebrate the young adult that they are becoming. At Amelia Anne Photography, we want to find out what you love about the person that your child has become and to find out what it is that they love about how you have nurtured them to become who they are. Knowing these details will make these photographs ones that will be forever treasured.

The Reveal and Design Consultation
This is the most exciting part! Now's the time when you get to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the cinematic premiere of your photographs. Don't worry, we will have tissues on hand as it can be quite an emotional experience! Be ready to fall in love with the time when you helped encourage your senior to complete high school, and with the young adult that is about to head out into the world. You will experience carefully curated photographs that capture the unique essence of that time of your lives. During your design consultation, we will design timeless albums, portrait boxes and fine art to be treasured and loved for years to come.

Amelia Anne Photography is a Senior Portrait photography studio in Bozeman, Montana.