What's that special moment that you long for everyday? Is it the look in your child's eyes when they see you right after coming home from school? Or is it when you see your little one run to the door as soon as he hears dad's car pull up? Or perhaps it's the last kiss goodnight?

The Discovery

The initial stage of the journey is for us to understand the special bond you have with your family. We do this by taking the time to note the moments you want to remember. It is critical that we discover what is most important to you and what you love to celebrate. This discovery is done through a series of phone conversations, which allows us to plan your perfect photographic session. We want to make sure we capture what you love most about each family member. During these phone conversations, we discuss any display products you may want to use that connect you to loves ones. Most importantly, we will discuss realistic expectation on prices well before your first photographic session.

The Photographic Session

During your photographic session, we celebrate everything we have discovered about you and your loved ones. This session is all about capturing the playful, adorable, and mischievous and personalities that shine within your home every single day. It is important to remember that, for us, this session is more than just taking photographs. It is a celebration of your life and relationships... whether it's your newborn child experiencing the world in her first days, 3 crazy little boys full of life, perhaps a mom with her daughter and best friend, or an entire family session with grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles. Sessions typically take 1 hour. Newborn sessions can take up to 2 hours. At Amelia Anne Photography, we celebrate your loved ones and help you experience your special moments over and over again, every single day. We can't wait to make your entire family smile.

The Reveal and Design Consultation

This is the most exciting part! Now's the time when you get to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the cinematic premiere of your photographs. Don't worry, we will have tissues on hand as it can be quite an emotional experience! Be ready to fall in love with your family all over again. You will experience carefully curated photographs that capture the unique essence of your family. During your design consultation, we will design timeless pieces of fine art to be displayed throughout your home that may be treasured and loved for generations to come.

Amelia Anne Photography is a family portrait photography studio in Bozeman, Montana.