The Experience

Beautiful, timeless, heartfelt portraiture isn’t something that just happens, it takes precious time, careful planning and experience. To make sure that every single artwork we produce moves you and tells your story in the most honest and beautiful way, we go on a journey with every one of our clients. This journey begins with having a conversation to get to know each personality within your family. Through this discovery, you will see it and feel it all come alive during your photographic session.

We take everything we’ve learned about you and your loved ones, and we celebrate all those special things. Don’t worry about making everything perfect, because it is in the imperfection we find our true selves. The location for your session isn’t nearly as important as your loved ones. If there is a specific location that has special importance to you, please let us know. The rocking chair in your child’s room, where you rock him to sleep every night; the cafe where you had your first date; the library, where you spent all your time together before you realized you were in love. We can take photos just about anywhere!

Next, you get to relax and enjoy a cinematic reveal of your photographs as we help you design your artwork, and place your order at the Design and Ordering Consultation. The first part of the journey is completed when you take possession of your custom made artwork and hang them on your walls. The journey continues each day as you experience your wall art as a reminder of the beautiful relationships in your life that you treasure.

Contact us by filling out the form below or give us a call at 406.551.4700.  We look forward to hearing from you!