February 28, 2012 /

WPPI In Las Vegas


What an awesome time I had in Vegas at the WPPI convention!  I had a blast and learned so much!  I got to see so many talented and inspiring photographers speak.  There is nothing more inspiring than being submerged in the photo world!  I have so many great new ideas and can’t wait to implement them into the business!

I had the honor of sharing a room with some fabulous girls!  Fellow photographers, Jessie Moore and Lizbeth Geary were awesome roommates!  We also had a photographer from California, Maya Myers, stay with us for a couple of nights.  Thanks girls for being such great roomies!

Here are some pics of me, Jessie & Liz from a party we went to at the Palms and from our balcony at the MGM Signature, where we stayed.  We were being silly and having a good time.  We didn’t have much light, but Jessie came up with the genius idea to use the iphone flashlight app!  Yet again, another great use for the iphone!  🙂

This is from the party.  I like how I got chosen to have the horns.  Funny.

I love this pic of Lizbeth!

Jessie striking a pose!  Beautiful!

Me being goofy, as usual.  Not sure what’s up with the hair.  😉


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